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The Germans - Absent Nationality and the Holocaust

A whole new approach to understanding Germany's role as the actual leader of the EU while answering the six million questions regarding the Holocaust : WHY THE GERMANS ? and suggesting a 'litmus paper' test for prospects of a forthcoming Holocaust.

Read more about these topics:

  • Why the Germans of all people? An answer to the question President Shimon Peres asked in his speech to the Bundestag on International Holocaust Day, January 27 2010

  • What did Eichmann mean when he said "I was an idealist" in 1952?

  • An overview of the study

buy the book: The Germans, Absent Nationality and the Holocaust by Yehuda Cohen.

see also a review in European History Quarterly 2014, Vol. 44(3) 504–588: "Yehuda Cohen’s book The Germans attempts to present a challenging new view of why the Germans organized and carried out the ..Holocaust. He critiques the current state of Holocaust Studies...the book is a significant vehicle for meaningful discussions of the most elusive questions: why the Holocaust and why the Germans?"

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