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What is the Meaning of the Coming UK Referendum on Britain's EU Membership?

  • What really motivates the British?

  • What will happen to the UK following the coming EU referendum?

  • If the UK will vote "Out" - Is war a potential risk to Europe?

Answers to all the above queries are now found in the synopsis of the academic volume as well as clarification of the haze surrounding the uniqueness of the British national identity - Buy the Synopsis Now!

You are invited to read here an excerpt from the appendix, added especially for the readers of the synopsis: "The British are perhaps the most favored candidates of all European groups for the emergence of a national and collective spirit, as well as a cultural distinction. This is because of their unique position on a group of islands – a position that affected a sense of self-worth upon them. All those factors played a part in the emergence of the British strong self-esteem, and can explain the resultant economy that reflected British strength and endurance as well as cultural dominance, as shown by the dissemination of their language and culture worldwide. The British indeed nurtured and esteemed their national identity, as embodied in Britain’s royal dynasty that symbolizes their long imperial tradition".


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